The pot industry is misleading

Dear Editor,

Thank you for publishing the opinions of Vermont physicians in your recent Nov. 7 issue. Vermont Society represents the majority of Vermont doctors and healthcare providers who recognize the harmful effects of cannabis inhalation or ingestion individually and collectively for public health and individual well-being.

I personally found attorney Steuben’s comments concerning and misinformed. Certainly nothing should be burnt and then the smoke intentionally inhaled, especially psychoactive drugs. Our lungs were meant for clean fresh air and  anything else is less  is sub-optimal and potentially harmful. Steuben mentions the 1950s which is the time when the tobacco industry and its attorneys were misleading the American public just like the marijuana is industry is misleading the public about the commercialization and industrialization of THC  as somehow being recreational.  As physicians our charge is the health of all Vermonters, as opposed to attorney Steuben, an attorney brought in from out of state to promote the marijuana industry  for profit.

David R. Charnock, M.D.,FACS, Rutland

One comment on “The pot industry is misleading

  1. Eating Cannabis in Raw form is The best way to get the health Benfits of the plant . Also Edibles made from various oils made from the Plant. All Have been Proven to have anti- Cancerous among many others Disease fighting Qualities ..
    The Recreational style of cannabis has been excentuated by the chase for the high level Thc which is aquired faster by smoking it via flower dabs , has etc ..

    what also is decieving is vape pens which are made with plastic that some how is also in pharmasuticals .. Legalization should encourage substainable habits as well . Hemp plastic should replace Petroleum plastic products as well which is much better for the enviornment .

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