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The Mountain Times debuts new flag

By Polly Lynn

The Mountain Times newspaper has changed its flag (our printed name and logo at the top of the front page.) It’s a big change and it was a big decision, one I was hesitant to make for years. However, after receiving feedback for the past four years at the annual New England Newspaper and Press Association (NENPA) conference in Boston, and having made graphic improvements to many other sections of our paper, accordingly, we decided it was time to update the look of our flag, too.

While no one likes change (at least initially) it might help to know that this is the 14th time The Mountain Times has changed its flag in its 44-year history. While consistent branding is important, so is staying in touch with the times. For better or worse, The Mountain Times flag has always been more reflective of the trends of each decade than most other publications (most of which choose simple black text.)

This new flag was designed by our lead designer, Maxx Steinmetz, who won Best Ad Designer at the 2014 NENPA conference and who deserves credit for the current look and feel of The Mountain Times. The background image is a black and white version of the same skyline photo used in our most recent flag. The photo was taken by local photographer Richard Podlesney from “Top of the World,” a lookout located on the hill behind our office, which offers stunning views of Killington Resort. From left to right, this photo shows Skye Peak, Killington Peak and Snowdon Peak. A modern font was chosen for the lettering, keeping the traditional Mountain Times red as a highlight color. (The ‘M’ and ‘T’ alone will be used for our app and website icon.)

After coming up with some initial options, Steinmetz presented his concept to the team here at the office and we voted on our favorite renditions. The popular choice was then presented to Ed Henninger, design consultant for NENPA and our biggest critic. Somewhat to our surprise, he loved it! He offered a few small suggestions, which we implemented. Then the design was final.

As with all things new, there will be a (hopefully short) transition period as we change over all our branding, and it may take a few weeks to tweak things until they’re just right. We thank you, in advance, for your patience and support.

We hope you like the new look, too, and we look forward to hearing your feedback. Please address all comments, concerns, questions, letters to the editor, news or events to The Mountain Times, as a community newspaper, aims to engage and inform as well as empower our community members to have a voice.

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