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Thanks for the Humane Society donations

Dear Editor,

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank those that very kindly and generously contributed money to help with the recent animal and neglect situations which VVSA Humane Society had been addressing these last couple of months.

Donations were used to provide veterinary care, medical treatment, food and neutering some of the neglected dogs recently taken from a puppy mill in Reading. Some funds also provided four foster families to adopt the pups they had cared for and fell in love with over the time they lived together. In these loving homes they’ll have the lives they deserve.

Recently we helped remove 10 goats and over 100 chickens, two dogs, ducks and roosters from another situation where they had gone four days without food or water. Without adequate shelter and due to an overwhelming fecal build up, some animals were trapped in what used to be a barn without sufficient light, water, bedding and enough food. Thanks to another rescue organization, Potter’s Angels Rescue, (PAR), Heather Bent, executive director, mobilized other groups that immediately came to remove goats and later the poultry. Most animals were rehomed within a week. Thanks to those that donated to VVSA, we were able to supply food, hay and medical treatment for the goats and poultry, a costly but well deserved expense.

In the last few weeks PAR and VVSA worked with the Windsor County Sheriff’s Dept. to bring about the construction of a shed for two horses in a neighboring town that had no protection from the elements. They were also instructed to replace the mound of hay mixed with manure left for their food, and to provide clean food and water. The project was a success, thanks to concerned neighbors and the sheriff’s.

VVSA doesn’t take salaries for our work. All donations go toward helping the animals, and donations are tax deductible.

If you see a situation, please do speak up. Children, seniors and animals are the most vulnerable victims of neglect and abuse and depend on someone to be their voice.

We’ll soon have photos on our website: vvsahs.org

Again, thank you all sincerely for making these rescues possible!

Sue Skaskiw, VT Volunteer Services for Animals Humane Society

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