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Tensions flare

By Cassandra Tyndall

Generally, the annual Taurus Full Moon is a time for luxuriating in comfort and serenity. Imagine a cute fluffy highland cow without a care in the world munching on green pastures and resting under the shade of lush, green canopy. Like our bovine friends, we humans enjoy the safety and certainty of knowing that life’s necessities are provided for and are in solid and steady flow.
This year, the Taurus Full Moon is a total lunar eclipse. Cast your mind back to last year’s astrology and the clash between planetary titans, Saturn and Uranus, which spilled into this year. This eclipse brings a dramatic and potentially shocking exclamation point to this ongoing battle. The tension between the old and the new becomes reinvigorated on the collective sphere. On the personal front, you may discover disruptions in certain aspects of your life that are either welcome, or not.
Either way, the cosmos is pushing toward change and shows minimal signs of being merely a gentle suggestion. Instead, this week’s eclipse is akin to the farmers branding iron. If you’ve been in denial about a certain situation or basking in the fields of comfort for too long, you could be in for a rude awakening. If you’ve been actively resistant and prepared, then you’ll have a soothing balm on hand to heal the burn.

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