Poetry is Power

The heart of the river

Rivers, Flowing, Gliding,  Hear the water peacefully flow over the rocks, Gliding down stream, Softly, Peacefully. If you listen close enough, you’ll hear a sound, like no other sound before: Kindness.  Keep in the hear of the river, kindness. It’s […]

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Letter, Opinion


I don’t know whether to ride my mower or push my snow-blower. Given what April brings to us. A drift, a daffodil. A decision better left to not deciding. Letting the sun do what it will by the end of […]

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Mountain Meditation

Mothers on the move

By Marguerite Jill Dye After a big family Mother’s Day Dinner, Mom started to scrub lots of Corning. Said the children, “It’s your day. You shouldn’t wash dishes! Just rinse, and do them in the morning.” From “A Smile, a […]

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