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Stop hiding

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are being written under the light of a full Sagittarius Moon! With the Midsummer Solstice coming up on June 21, the week ahead is ripe with possibilities and potential.
The energies of this cross quarter are currently intensified by transits that make it obvious that we are going through the karmic wringer. Many of us are coming up against the hardest stuff we’ve ever had to deal with.
If it feels overwhelming, be prepared to stand by because there’s no way around it: the only way out is in. The truth lives on the other side of this personal and collective gauntlet and we have to go through it in order to set ourselves free.
Those of us who aren’t afraid to enter the belly of the beast are having a good time watching our fears and our lies get blown away. As they disappear, love and truth are bound to fill that void with a measure of authenticity that opens the space for us to evolve into an expanded and more miraculous version of ourselves.
With that in mind, the most miraculous night of the year is right around the corner: Midsummer Night is when it all comes together. As the light and the darkness begin their annual dance, all of us are being called to search inside ourselves and go to the place where there is nothing left to hide.
Fear and lies are the only things that keep the truth at bay. Under the light of this Solstice Sun, do we have the courage to hold every ounce of darkness up to the light and let God transmute it into the nameless essence that envelopes us all?
Are any of us ready to go there?
As I watch my heart break free from the shackles that have kept it chained to the past, I am more than clear that it’s time for us to surrender all of who we are into the arms of truth, and find our way back to the only place where there is nothing left to hide.
What follows is a prayer that puts everything I have ever wanted to say into words. Let me share it here with the hope that it might ring as true for all of you, as it does for me:

Our Father, Mother, Child God,
Heavenly Beings,
And all those who work in the light,
We humbly address you and ask for your presence and assistance,
In this work on behalf of our Mother, The Earth.
Nameless One, and those with names,
We ask for your blessings and guidance.
We ask that our work be protected from harm.
Please help us to know how to pray.
Help us to anchor your energy here,
So that all beings throughout the cosmos will learn how to live
In the Light of self-governance, humility, and righteousness.
May all of the divergent energies on Earth reblend into harmony,
And may we come to recognize what is sacred in our lives.

Let me leave you with that, wish all of you a happy Midsummer Solstice, and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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