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Star light, star bright

By Dom Cioffi

Autumn brings many changes to the environment with its unique colors, sounds and scents. For me, the impending fall has always reignited my love of jogging, in large part so I can get out and absorb the aforementioned stimulus.

I like to run throughout the year but my interest usually falls off in the late spring as golf season kicks in. I may run sporadically through the summer, but for the most part, I don’t enjoy cardiovascular exercise when the temps are really high.

But when the trees start turning and the air gets brisk, I usually find myself yearning to go outside to suck it all in. Plus, there’s something magically serene about going for a run and then melting into the couch with a football game on the TV.

Over the last two weeks I could feel the urge to run building inside of me. All the signs were pointing to it, I just needed to pull the trigger and put my shoes on.

I finally made the decision to go for a run this past Sunday. The day was virtually empty of commitments so there was no excuse. I also knew that once I went for one run, the others would happily follow.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I went over to my dresser and pulled out my running apparel. I figured if I put it on immediately it would only be a matter of time before I went.

Not long after I got dressed my wife walked in the door with cider donuts – at true autumn staple! Donuts are the last thing I want to eat prior to running, but I couldn’t resist. Before I knew it, I had engulfed three (they were sorta small).

I knew I couldn’t go running after eating that amount of fat so I decided to get some shopping done. I hopped into my truck and made my way to a few stores to get provisions for the week. While there, I ran across a display for Yankee Candles, which were featuring spiced pumpkin scents for the season. I’m a sucker for a nice candle so I ended up buying that one plus another that smelled like warm apple pie.

When I returned home, I put everything away and started to consider running again. I figured the time was getting close so I decided to hydrate a bit. I made my way to the fridge and pulled out some coconut water and proceeded to drink half a bottle.

Just as I was finishing, my wife insisted that I get the Halloween decorations out of the attic so she could decorate the house. I agreed and retreated to the attic to rummage through the various plastic bins.

Before long I had found the multitude of Jack-o’-lanterns and giant spiders that my wife likes to have strewn about the house. She became preoccupied with some baking so I found myself doing the decorating, which never bothers me since I tend to enjoy the process of reimagining my living space.

By the time I finished, the first hints of the evening were rolling in. I knew then that if I didn’t go running soon, I would have missed out on a great opportunity.

I was determined to see this through so I quickly packed up the remnants of my decorating exercise and began shuffling them back upstairs.

And then fate intervened.

On my last run up the stairs (with only my socks on), I slipped on the top step, slamming my foot into the hardwood floor. All my weight came crashing down on my left big toe. I let out an agonizing groan and rolled onto my back, grabbing my foot with my hand.

I knew immediately that this was no ordinary stubbed toe. I began to gently caress my foot hoping the pain would subside, but it kept throbbing. After a few minutes, I tried to get up to walk, but I could not put any weight on the front of my foot.

I wandered around for another half hour hoping the pain would relent but it never did. I then decided to pull my sock off to investigate. Unfortunately, what I saw distressed me even more as my toe had swelled up like a small russet potato while turning an unpleasant shade of blue.

Needless to say, I won’t be running anytime soon since it’s clear I either broke or badly bruised my big toe.

This week’s film, “A Star is Born,” starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga also features some intense bruising, except this film features the emotional kind.

This is the fourth remake of “A Star is Born.” The storyline is ageless in that it features one character’s story arc coming down while the other’s is going up.

Check this one out if you’re in the mood for some powerful musical performances wrapped up in a tragic love story. This has all the makings of a big hit with folks already rumbling about its Oscar potential.

A shining “A-” for “A Star is Born.”

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