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See something, say something

Tip hotline for citizens to report suspicious activity

As the summer season brings people outdoors in groups to enjoy the warmer weather and festivities, the Vermont State Police would like to remind those attending any large or small group event around the state, that these events are an ongoing safety and security concern for organizers and police.

“We’d like to invite folks who attend these events to enjoy, but also be wary of suspicious activity,” said the VSP in a May 23 news release.

The Vermont Intelligence Center now has a revamped tip program called “See Something, Say Something,” which is an awareness campaign and a tip hotline aimed at giving citizens the information and tools to report suspicious activity, at any time or place.

“See Something, Say Something” is a brand utilized by many states across the country. The message is simple: please speak up if you witness any unusual behavior.  “We need all Vermonters to speak up to keep our communities safe,” wrote the VSP.

To report suspicious activities, a new tip hotline has been established. Just call 844-848-8477 or use Vtips.info for internet-based reporting. In both reporting methods a person can remain anonymous if they wish. Phone calls and web tips are forwarded to the Vermont Intelligence Center, which is the state’s Fusion Center.

Folks are also encouraged to call 911, if an immediate police response is needed.

Vermont law enforcement agencies, Vermont Intelligence Center and first responders wish to reassure citizens that authorities are ever vigilant. “This is our commitment, and pledge, every day of the year. But we have strength in numbers, and law enforcement welcomes the vigilance of the public,” the release continued. “Officers will be out in force around the state at major events to protect participants… Law enforcement cannot be everywhere all the time. But our citizens are, and we hope if you See Something, you will Say Something.”

Please alert law enforcement:

  • If you see a package, backpack or any other item left unattended.
  • If you witness someone taking pictures of infrastructure items, access points, or other security related activities.
  • If you witness the same car and/or person parked in a sensitive location.
  • If you see behavior that strikes you as odd or out-of-place.

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