Rules of the Game

QUESTION: Kyler and Andrew are playing in a tournament. Kyler has a caddie and Andrew is carrying his own bag. On the 6th hole, Kyler’s ball lies off the green. His caddie goes to the green and touches the green with a club to indicate a line of play for Kyler to play. Andrew says an infraction has occurred in that a caddie is not allowed to touch the green indicating a line of play.  Is Andrew correct?

ANSWER: Andrew is incorrect. A penalty is incurred only if Kyler’s ball lies on the green and his caddie indicates the line of putt by touching the green. In this case, Kyler’s ball lies off the green. Kyler knows the rules. See USGA Decisions On The Rules of Golf, 2014-2015, 8-2b/3.

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Alan Jeffery is a golf professional at GMNGC.

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