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Roe opponents are misguided

Dear Editor, While I was listening to the news about Roe v. Wade and the Supreme Court, a young man was interviewed. He was excited about all of the thousands of lives that will be saved. I would like to ask him (and others who agree with him) if they will help support:

  • The family who loses mother and wife through pregnancy complications?
  • The family of the teen or preteen girl who has a baby and lacks the maturity to care for it?
  • The family who has a child with profound disabilities and requires full-time care and thousands or millions of dollars for care?
  • The family who can barely, if at all, care for the existing family and now has another?
  • The single mother who will need to choose between caring for her infant or maintaining a full-time job?

And I hear the argument that the woman should never have gotten pregnant. For some, they did not understand the consequences. For some, it was unintended consequences. Some wanted a baby but are faced with severe consequences. Some lacked the ability to put the consequences before the biological urge.

But, I repeat. Many of these families are going to need help. They make the choice based on the information they have. Who are we to judge the correctness of these choices? They should each have the right to make choices based on the information they may have. You are not walking in their moccasins.

Holly Puterbaugh,

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