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Relationships will be under the spotlight

By Cassandra Tyndall

This week is truly one of the most magical weeks of the year as Jupiter and Neptune join forces in Pisces. You don’t have to be a Pisces to experience the benefit and blessings of this planetary play because we all have an area of life linked to the fishes.

In a water sign, you may experience an overflow of emotion, joy, hope and possibility. As a planetary combination, this pair reminds me of the idea of high tides raising all boats. You may be in a position to amplify compassion and goodwill towards yourself or someone else. It may be the kind gesture you give or receive that has a redemptive or hopeful quality to it. After the proverbial desert of the past two years, you may reconnect or find forgiveness in an area where it felt lost.

To add to what already feels like a peak week, the weekend brings a Full Moon in Libra. This lunation always highlights themes of relationship. Balance or lack thereof, is under the spotlight. Bringing things back to a sense of equilibrium will be easier than usual. Broaching tricky topics or trying something new will be easier than you think.

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