Questions on FEMA funds

Dear Editor,

In a news article last week it stated FEMA would not pay any of the required upgrades to infrastructure destroyed during Irene imposed on towns from the state of Vermont. I know the town of Killington has been waiting for funds from FEMA for some four years now so I have a few questions:

What is the remaining balance of FEMA funds due to the town as of today that the town of Killington has budgeted for this year?

Has the town received any of the budgeted amount from FEMA this year that we budgeted for this year?

Is the town aware of this ruling from FEMA?

Does this ruling have any impact on the town of Killington’s estimated revenue in our budget? If so what are the town’s administration including select board actions to counter if any negative impact on the current budget?

According to the article, the state and affected towns have known about this for some time. If this has been known, why do we continue to carry it forward each year as projected revenue?

Hopefully, I am not the only one with these questions and they are being proactively addressed by our elected officials.

Jim Haff, Killington

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