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Park House holds decorated sled fundraiser

By Stephen Seitz

ROCHESTER – Park House, which provides independent living for senior citizens, is holding a unique fundraiser: raffling off decorated sleds.

“We collected old-fashioned runner sleds,” said Park House Executive Director Juli Reiderer. “Local artists decorated them with winter scenes and other art. They donated their time and materials.”

The tickets are $20 each, and there are only 200 of them. The raffle will be held at a reception at Park House on Sunday, Nov. 16 at 2 p.m.

Reiderer said that if all the tickets were sold, Park House would raise $4,000.

“All you have to do is buy a ticket and pick a sled you’re interested in,” Lederer said. “You can buy the tickets here at Park House, or through our board members.”

Stockbridge artist Teckla Chap donated “Sled Art Nouveau.”

“I’ve always been a fan of art nouveau motif in a step and repeat pattern,” Chap said, explaining his inspiration.

Dick Robson built a small chalet and a winter scene on his sled, called “SnoRV.”  Robson explains: “The chalet directs the RV on its journey. The propeller pushes it uphill or down; the diminutive men at the wheel change its course as ordered by the chalet. Someone needs to reap the fruits of this journey – thus, the circle of friends around the fire, who have just completed a snowman.”

Board member Judy Manley contributed a snowman, noting, “I have always lived where it snows, and making a snowman is a rite of winter.”

Helen Dillon, a screen print artist from Granville, came up with an old-fashioned sleigh ride, commenting, “The idea was that I used to compete in sleigh rallies with horses. That sleigh is in the Shelburne Museum now.”

Cynthia McPhetres, who teaches visual art at Rochester High School, based her sled on Lois Lowry’s novel, “The Giver.” She noted that, “The sled in the story becomes a metaphor, a bridge between the emotional and the rational. The sled attempts to show the world of color, and the world as Jonas from the book saw it.”

Park House has a dozen decorated sleds in all. Those wishing a look can see the sleds on display at Park House (16 Park Row, No. 4 in Rochester), or take a look at the sleds on the Park House website, www.parkhousevt.org.

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