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Onward and upward 

By Cassandra Tyndall 

The month of October and early November brought some of the most challenging astrology of 2022. As the dust begins to settle, and the wandering stars continue to shift, this week brings a welcome change in the astro weather.
When the faster moving planets change signs, it rarely delivers a dramatic turn of events. We’ve had enough of those. Instead, the movement of Venus and Mercury into Sagittarius can help lift one’s gaze from where it’s been and look to where it could be. Together, Mercury and Venus bode well for conversations, agreements and contracts.

Negotiations are likely to become easier and increasingly agreeable. Rather than getting stuck in the minutia, under the optimistic and enthusiastic sign of Sagittarius, it’s definitely an influence of onward and upward as you keep on moving forward. Solutions to problems are easier to find when you just feel better or when you feel you’ve got support onside.

While there may be more fire in your belly than you had last week, you still may not be exactly sure of where you’re going. The second of three confusing Mars / Neptune squares also occurs. Just because you’re wandering does not mean that you are lost.

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