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On Aug. 21, 2018, Eugene Oler (a.k.a. Olow), former resident of Pinnacle Condominiums, 201 Old Mill Road, Killington, passed away at the Vermont Veterans’ Home, 325 North St., Bennington.

Born on Feb. 11, 1927 in New Haven, Connecticut, he was employed by McKesson & Robbins, Bridgeport, Connecticut. In 1944, he joined the U.S. Navy stationed in Texas and flew the Consolidated PBY Catalina aircraft during World War II. The PBY was involved in almost every major operation in World War II, and figured significantly in defeating the U-boat menace in the Atlantic.

During his lifetime, Eugene traveled internationally both for business and pleasure, residing in Connecticut with a winter home in Killington.

With his love of skiing and Vermont, Eugene made Killington his permanent home. He was an active volunteer with the Killington Ski Club and the Green Mountain Golf Course. He will be remembered as a great story teller and for his love of apple pie from Mendon Mountain Orchards.

He is survived by his long time love, Sieglinda Sherman of Franklin, North Carolina who assisted in providing care and comfort during his time at the Veterans Memorial Home.

A celebration of Eugene’s life and military burial will be held at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, Sept. 15, at the Vermont Veterans’ Home, 325 North St., Bennington. Donations in memory of Eugene can be made to the Vermont Veterans’ Home.

2 comments on “Obituary – Eugene Oler

  1. This man’s entire life was a fraud. His original name was Eugene J. Olow Sr. He was married to Aida Frimpter-Olow and has one son and three daughters with Aida. They lived in Bridgeport CT and when the kids were in their teens, Eugene Sr. up and disappeared. He just stopped coming home. It took years to figure out, but he had started a new life, with a new woman. He told that woman made up stories of his military days and made himself out as some sort of war hero, but never mentioned the family that he abandoned. Aida Olow was left to raise four kids on her own.
    We have old family photos of him with his original family.
    Even after his story was found out by his new family, he tried to lie. How someone could accept this fraud, even after being outed is beyond me. This man was a dark soul. When I read his obituary, and even the comment above, I cringe. If they only knew what a dark cowardly soul he really was. If they only knew the years of anguish this man caused to an entire family.

  2. Gene was a wonderful friend and had many good times together with him and Sieglina Sherman. Loved them both and also Barbara also a dear friend.

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