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Make state colleges part of UVM system

Dear editor,

In response to the article about combined state colleges to be named Vermont State University, it truly is time for the state of Vermont to come to terms with its support of its state college system. This problem has plagued the schools for years, not only because of the national issue colleges and universities are currently experiencing with declining enrollments, but the sheer lack of financial support, particularly of the Vermont State Colleges, as they do not have the same time of economic pipeline that the University of Vermont currently enjoys.

When the consolidation of Lyndon State College and Johnson State College occurred, I recalled reading that the name UVM was explored. However, it was rejected by UVM, and Lyndon and Johnson did not meet the same standards as UVM. That was a lovely way of UVM saying, “LSC, JSC, you’re beneath us.”

Nevertheless, the reality is that it is not the “Vermont” name that is recognized; it is the UVM name that is recognized nationally, if not globally.

So, let us be honest here, Vermont. You have relegated the Vermont State Colleges to nothing but a necessity rather than an academic center of excellence. It is time you stepped up to the plate, named your colleges to the University of Vermont at XYZ, brought them up to UVM’s level, and then you will see the success you desire rather than banking on the hope around this Hail Mary.

James Holst, Chichester, N.H. B.S., Lyndon State College, 1991

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