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Love and money are the destroyers

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Libra Moon, with a pile of aspects that are worthy of note. What interests me about the positions of the planets this week is that the Moon will enter its new phase at around noon on Oct. 8, and as it does so, it will trigger off a T-Square between, Lucifer, Hades, and Saturn.

We talked a little bit about this T-Square in last week’s intro. With the Moon about to trip what amounts to a booby trap of negative energy, we’d do well to keep an eye on ourselves and do our best to keep our developmental issues from overtaking our responses for the next few days. Any laxity in our ability to behave consciously could lead us into situations that will mess up whatever we put our hand to for the next few weeks. Lucifer, Hades, and Saturn are licking their chops waiting for us to fall prey to our blind spots, so keep your wounded inner child in his/her place, and turn your self-awareness switch to the “on” position.

Of late I have been doing charts for a lot of people who were born with hard aspects between Venus and the asteroid, Siva. Venus is the planet that governs the nature of our relationships, the way the right side of our brain functions, the things that we cherish or value, and the nature of our relationship to money.

Siva is known as “The Great Destroyer.” Part of the Hindu Trinity, if Brahma creates, and Vishnu maintains, Siva is the archetype that destroys things. We have a tendency to close our eyes to the destructive side of the human experience, but it has a place in the scheme of things. In regularly timed cycles anything that has outworn its usefulness needs to be annihilated so that something new and finer can rise up from the ashes of destruction and decay.

In any horoscope, when Siva is at cross purposes with Venus, it is always the case that the individual will be brought to their knees in their love relationships and in their relationship to money. If some people are brought to their knees by their health, and others are destroyed by their addictions, or whipped by their ambitions, Venus/Siva types are nailed to the Cross on the altar of love and money.

This is interesting because all of us have been programmed from birth to believe that we are going to find the answer to all of our prayers in our love relationships. We are also led to believe that money is God, or at that very least, that more of it will solve all of our problems. These ideas are cemented into our brains. When Siva forms hard aspects to Venus the exact opposite is true. Money and love turn out to be the areas of our experience where we meet “The Great Destroyer.”

Here is what asteroid genius, Martha Lang-Wescott has to say about it:

“Difficulty with the father over finances; to ‘destroy’ love, or loved ones; to have a radical change in the value system and attitude toward ‘what money can’t buy’; to see the power of love to bring crisis, and to effect catharsis and ‘redemption’; to utterly change one’s understanding of the meaning of love; to learn detachment through love or money.”

The good news is, that time and experience change things. Those of us who are born with hard aspects between Siva and Venus will eventually see those aspects progress into sextiles and trines. Somewhere between the age of 30 and 60 the original difficulties ease up. What this means is that repeated tests that pit us up against the same old thing teach us a thing or two. The lessons vary from person to person but what gets culled from these experiences teaches us how to respond constructively to the things that in our younger days had our backs to the wall.

Like I said earlier, these aspects have been on my mind because I have spent the last couple of weeks trying to explain them to my clients. I hope that what’s written here will provide a little food for thought and help you to understand why so many of us appear to be so unlucky when it comes to love and money.

Before we go, let me remind you to keep an eye on your willingness to be accountable as this Lucifer/Hades/Saturn transit keeps us in a head-lock.

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