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Look out for yourself this week

By Cassandra Tyndall

What is one area of your life that is so solid, you could never imagine it going wrong? Is it your relationship? Your career? Or maybe it’s something you’ve cultivated within yourself, such as a spiritual relationship with the divine or an unshakeable belief in yourself.

The opposite can also be true. What if you’re so caught up in what could go wrong, you never indulge the script of what could actually go right? Even if your faith is all but lost, I think it’s safe to say that we all can believe that the sun will rise again tomorrow. From that point, we can believe that your cat, if you have one, will be sure to find itself a piece of sunny real estate to laze about in.

Where in your life would you like to be a proverbial cat? Comforted. Fed. Chin scratched. And maybe even a cuddle on the couch in the evening. Wanting for nothing.

This week, spend some time indulging what it would feel like to be truly safe, loved, secure and comforted. Be sure to honor that feeling with an indulgence to mark the moment – it could be a lavish meal, a glass of wine, a bunch of roses. Whatever makes you feel abundant, solid and safe.

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