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Look for growth within

May brings an entirely different energy from what permeated April and the majority of 2022 thus far. As Jupiter swims through the final degrees of Pisces, you might like to reflect on the feelings, emotions and healing you may have done in the past several months. On paper, Jupiter in Pisces is a sublime transit, but in reality, it doesn’t always bring the boons of positive progress, at least not immediately. The growth is done internally, through rest, retreat, feeling, imagining, wondering and dreaming. Sometimes, the most important thing you can do is nothing.

Over the next week, Jupiter will begin swimming in another direction, exit from the vast oceanic tides and into a proverbial battlefield. Any frustration due to a lack of progress will be a thing of the past. What seemed overwhelming or confusing will become crystal clear. This week will offer flashes of insight about what’s to come. We are still in that strange time between eclipses and Mercury is slowing down to retrograde. If you can still the monkey mind for just long enough to listen to the stirrings of your soul and the beating of your heart, you’ll get all the solutions you’re looking for.

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