KPAA proposal offers win-win for budget; gets town out of event planning

Dear Editor,

I’d like to touch base on your question 5 in the Q&A. Part of the question asked what specific things I propose cutting from the budget, my answer was to implement the proposal from the KPAA, which includes the community businesses that also includes the resort. I would like to expand on that answer in this letter.

I have always said the town should stay out of taxing to provide marketing and events for the above entities in the first place. I was quoted in papers back when we were voting on this option tax, I stated if businesses wanted to improve then businesses should invest in themselves. So back when the option tax was adopted into our town government, we as a town voted to use this money for improving the local businesses revenues. I believe that which was proposed this past year would be a win-win situation and get our community back on track as far as the town takes care of the core town function and the local businesses take care of themselves with this organization.

The win for the town is that in this proposal the town keeps the tax revenue from rooms, meals and alcohol for its core functions to provide to its taxpayers and at the same time the town will be out of trying to improve the local businesses revenue streams. I believe that’s the way it should be. The town should do its town functions and businesses should invest in themselves.


Jim Haff, Killington

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