Killington softball league: Killington Resort stays on top

By DJ Dave Hoffenberg

The Killington Resort team remained perfect with yet another win over their fellow employee team, the Wobbly Barn. The resort is known as “The Beast of the East” and so far this season, this team is living up to that billing. The Wobbly started off the scoring in the first with Chris “The Music Doesn’t Matter” Kielbiowski crossing the plate. They had a chance for more but Kayla “Greener Pastures Ahead” Sarajian suffered a Cold Beer K and then Forrest “Not Gump” Baker and Jenny “Miss Music” Porter both grounded out. K.R. did not start out strong since Greg “Maybe it was the McClelland’s” McClallen led off with a CBK. They were able to take the lead 2-1 when Coach Matt Kinsman and Nate Stoodley scored. The Wobbly followed suit in the second with a lead off CBK by Ryan “Boner” Osborne and no runs scored. This CBK lead off thing was getting catchy, because once again K.R. led off with one, and they could not score either, to keep it 2-1. Something changed and there were no CBKs, but the Wobbly failed to score yet again in the third. They had many chances and even loaded the bases. Stoodley blasted a lead-off home run in the third and Justin Guth scored to stretch their lead 4-1. The Wobbly put runners on the corners in the fourth but failed to hit them in. K.R. blew the game wide open in their fourth ups with eight runs as they completely batted through the order. The Wobbly finally woke up their bats in the fifth and had a mini hit parade, scoring six runs to cut the lead 12-7. This fired up the defense too, because they shut down K.R. with three infield outs. The lead off CBK returned in the sixth when Sarajian suffered her second of the game and the team’s bats fizzled out. K.R. scored four in the bottom to put the game out of reach 16-7 which was also the final score. Stoodley was a perfect four for four.

The Wobbly immediately faced Outback Pizza and this game was a lot closer. They started off the scoring once again but suffered the same fate. Zach “Waitforit” Steinhart gave his team the 1-0 lead. Nothing was doing for the Outback in the first couple of innings and they could not even get a runner past first base. Runs were at a premium in this game. The W.B. second saw Porter suffer a CBK and her team failing to score. The Outback woke up their bats when “Big” Shawn Morse blasted a three-run shot. Morse last played in this league in 2014, known to have retired from the game. Coach Rob Ranberg was able to coax him out of retirement, and what an impact he made on the team. Besides doing it with his bat, he played outstanding defense at first with nothing getting by him. The third saw the Wobbly go down 1-2-3. The Outback suffered a CBK in the fourth with no runs scored but Steinhart cut the lead to one. Unfortunately, his team loaded the bases yet failed to add any more. Morse was a big factor in the fifth with his second three run home run of the game and now his team had a comfortable 6-2 lead. That was the winning score because both teams combined for only three hits the rest of the game. Shining for the Outback in left field was Siobhan “No Problem Chasing it Down” Chase. She had a sweet running web gem catch in the fifth.

The OmyaRamas had a difficult doubleheader of their own having to face McGrath’s Sushi and Clearly Moguls. First up was C.M., and the last time these teams met, the game went to extra innings. This game was a battle just like that one. O.R. jumped out to a 6-0 lead, batting through their order after Jackie “These Cleats are Still Made for Walking” Blue had trouble finding the plate. C.M. could only muster up one run to answer that. Defense shone in the second for C.M. when they shut down O.R. 1-2-3, and then scored two to cut the lead in half, but did see Tucker “Short Hair = Beast Mode” Zink suffer a CBK. O.R. used their great young eyes to take four more walks in the third, hitting through their order, and yet again scoring six runs to cruise out to a 12-3 lead. C.M. had an answer this time, scoring six as well, with two of those coming off a blasting home run from Neal “That Ball Flew Like a Birdy” Giberti. O.R. scored two in the fourth to stretch their lead 14-9. They had a chance for more but John Gatto went down looking for a big Cold Milk K. C.M. fizzled out and went down 1-2-3. O.R. put one on base in the fifth but could not score. C.M. used their old eyes in the bottom, taking four walks and turning them into two runs to cut the lead 14-11. They had a chance for a lot more, loading the bases but Jared “F’d Up is Way More Fun” Hall suffered a big inning ending CBK. O.R. could not get the ball out of the infield in the sixth and also suffered a CMK. C.M. started their sixth with back-to-back-to-back singles from Russell “The Love Muscle” Dalglish, “DJ” Dave Hoffenberg and Giberti to load the bases. “Brando” Remick took a walk for one run and then Brett “The Hitman” Regimbald blasted his second grand slam of the season to give his team a 16-14 lead. The team was not done, hitting through their order while adding four more to make it 19-12. That took the wind out of the sails for O.R and Gatto suffered another CMK and the team had nothing else left in the tank. It was a solid effort and even with the loss, it was a great performance from this young team. C.M. welcomed back fan favorite Josh “Purple Guy” Souza who went four-for-four with two runs scored and two RBI.

O.R. immediately faced McGrath’s Sushi and the question was whether the bats would still be fired up or would they fizzle out. Unfortunately for them, it was the latter and they suffered a 21-4 crushing mercy loss. It was only 1-0 M.S. after one, but in the second they hit through their order, scoring ten runs to make it 11-0. “Big” Josh Tarleton accounted for three of those with a home run blast. O.R. were able to score three in the bottom to cut the lead 11-3. There was no stopping M.S. or Tarleton. The team scored seven more with Tarleton adding another three-run bomb. M.S. added another three runs to their big total but O.R. could only muster up one. Jeremy “I Can Now Find the Plate” Prior was en fuego on the mound, delivering four CMKs with two of those going to Gatto.


1st – Killington Resort 7-0

2nd – McGrath’s Sushi 7-1

3rd – Max Team 4-2

4th – Clearly Moguls 4-2-1

5th – Outback Pizza 2-6

6th – OmyaRamas 1-6

7th – Wobbly Barn 0-7-1


Wednesday, June 28

Outback Pizza vs Killington Resort at Killington 5:50 p.m.

Wobbly Barn vs OmyaRamas at Killington 7 p.m.

McGrath’s Sushi vs Clearly Moguls t Bridgewater 5:50 p.m.

Max Team vs Clearly Moguls at Bridgewater 7 p.m.

Post-game party at Sushi Yoshi , 8-11 p.m.

Wednesday, July 5

Clearly Moguls vs Max Team t Killington 5:50 p.m.

Max Team vs Outback Pizza at Killington 7 p.m.

Killington Resort vs McGrath’s Sushi at Bridgewater 5:50 p.m.

OmyaRamas vs Wobbly Barn @ Bridgewater 7 p.m.

Post-game party at Clear River Tavern , 8-11 p.m.

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