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Kamala has earned it all

Dear Editor,

Some years ago, a baby girl of Asian-African decent was born in America. She was named “Kamala.” She had a rough life growing up as a third-class citizen in this land of “white supremecy.” People of color have always been classed as second- or third-rate citizens.

As she grew older, she decided to make the best of it. She always wanted to make something of herself, and was determined to become someone in this “white world.”

She struggled to get an education in California. She persisted and finally got a law degree.

All women in America have been treated as second class citizens. They didn’t even get the right to vote for over 100 years. If they opened their mouth in public, they were called “aggressive.” If a man spoke out in public, he was just “shooting off his mouth.” Most women only get paid 2/3 of what men get for doing the exact same work.

America is great for discrimination.

Kamala persisted and worked her way up to become the attorney general for the state of California.

Now, it’s January 2021. Jan. 6 turned out to be the blackest day in American history since the days of the Civil War, 155 years earlier. On Jan. 6, 2021, the Devil’s goats stormed America’s capital. Five people were killed and many more people were hospitalized. They did millions of dollars in damage to our precious Capital. They were finally stopped after threatening the lives of our Congressmen and women. Many of them will spend years in prison.

Now, fast forward to Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021. Looks like God was willing to give America another chance. His sun shone bright on Washington all day.

Just before noon, Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States. More amazing, that little Black African/Asian girl, once a third class citizen, was sworn in as vice president, the second highest office in America. She has now become the first woman ever in America to hold that position.

One thing caught my attention. For all the media hype, they all missed one amazing fact. Kamala Harris is now the most powerful woman on the face of the earth!

Bill Clark


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