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Joshua C. Terenzini runs for Rutland County Senate

Dear Editor,

Serving my community has become a way of life for me. Besides for my family, my life’s passion has revolved around public service. Giving back, leading during good times and bad, and being a voice of reason have been driving forces behind my public service.

Since 2005, I have had a role in volunteerism and community service. Time and time again, I have been entrusted by the voters to serve on the select board, school board and as a justice of the peace. For nearly nine years, I, along with others, answered the call of service on a busy volunteer fire department. I may have even coached one of your children in baseball or performed the wedding of your loved ones. And now, I want to take my municipal experience and leadership talents to Montpelier to represent all of Rutland County in the Vermont State Senate.

I have been blessed more in my life than most people deserve. I have had the opportunity to grow up, be educated and employed in my home state of Vermont. When others moved away after graduating, I made the decision to stay in the community that I love. My beautiful wife and I are raising our three children (soon to be four) in one of the safest, most beautiful counties in the entire country. Everything that we have needed or wanted is right here in the heart of Vermont.

A strength of mine for this position is the many years of municipal government experience that I have. The creation of budgets, development of ordinances, and interactions that take place with town residents are all experiences that I will take to Montpelier with me. At the municipal level, we know all-too-well the old saying that “money doesn’t grow on trees.”

But many in state government do not understand this simple phrase, and unfortunately, it hurts all of us.

Since announcing in May that I was running for the Senate, we identified three pillars of this campaign: compassion for everyone, common sense leadership and a commitment to winning for Rutland County. When approaching a problem, these will be my guiding principles when attempting to find the solution. Everyone in Rutland County matters, period. The ups and downs of your daily life deserve the opportunity to be represented in Montpelier by someone with these three pillars at the forefront of decision making.

We have a serious financial shortfall to figure out due to Covid-19. Montpelier’s famous solution for financial trouble is to expect you and me to pay more in taxes. This simply cannot be the only solution to the problem. Vermont is one of the most expensive states to live in. We have a declining population, and when you combine that with a tough financial crisis, it is a bad combination.

We need to do more for our veterans and farmers, our nurses and firefighters, and the hard-working Vermonters all over this county… just like you! Our seniors cannot continue to pay a crushing amount of taxes and still be expected to afford prescriptions, heating oil and other necessities. If you are trying to carve out your own piece of the “American Dream,” right here in Rutland County, I am a great choice for you in the Vermont State Senate.

Investments in infrastructure, internet and phone services also need to be a priority. There are still too many places throughout Rutland County where cellphone and internet service are lacking. It is 2020 and the days of “no phone service” need to be a thing of the past. With increased communication capabilities, we have a shot at attracting new businesses to our region.

I cannot win this election on my own. If you are willing, would you come alongside me and spread my message to your neighbors and friends? Would you be willing to take a yard sign, hand out literature and share my social media platforms and website? We are only four short months away from election day. To win, it will take a county wide effort of excitement and energy around my candidacy. Mail-in voting, a unpredictable pandemic and a presidential election all make Nov. 3 unique, historic and in some ways, a greater challenge and opportunity.

Thank you for your support. I, along with my loved ones will see you over the summer and into the fall as we canvass the entire region, albeit by social distancing. Continue to keep yourself healthy and safe during this time of pandemic.

Joshua C. Terenzini, candidate for the Rutland County Senate

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