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Isolation day

Dear Editor,

I felt like an imaginary, old fashioned Italian woman today. I decided it was time to pack away the big, heavy down comforter as deep winter is over in Vermont. So, I filled my big bath tub with lots of soap, bleach and hot water.

Then I submerged the queen sized white comforter into the tub to soak, not realizing how heavy it would be once it was totally wet. I soaked it for an hour and struggled and slipped trying to carry it to the washer. I  lay on the floor on top of this giant drooling blob of feathers contemplating how could I get it wrung out and into the washer to spin dry.

I remembered there is always a way!

I poured a glass of red wine, took off my socks and sneakers, rolled up my jeans and stepped into the tub. Glass in hand (plastic) I started stomping. It was the only way to squeeze all the water out of the comforter so I could lift it into the washing machine. I stomped till my glass was empty! I sipped slowly of course since I was sure if it took two glasses I would have ended up on my fanny in the bottom of the tub sloshing with the soggy comforter.

It had a final wringing out in the washer and then a spin in the dryer drying out. My second small glass of wine was for managing to pack away a clean, white, down comforter to rest until next winter. Whew!

This is what happens when I get bored from being isolated in the mountains where there are days when yearly tasks must be accomplished.

Jane Tanner, Killington

One comment on “Isolation day

  1. Being isolated during this pandemic has been difficult for most of us. It has also been an opportunity for all of us to find out “who we are” We have all fantasized what role we would play as we watched that world devastation movie or read Anne Frank . I will have to say I am not living up to my expectations.

    I am one of the fortunate people who is still employed and I give thanks for that everyday I am also a strong believer in local community, a piece of that is local small businesses. We have been watching our community decline before this Our local businesses are keeping our community alive and if our community is lost so are we.

    I believe those of us who are employed have a responsibility to our community. In any way we can we need need to patronize our local businesses. Now that the governor is beginning to allow small businesses to open, the community needs to know who is open and what are the rules for their customers, so we can support them

    I would love to see a web site that every business could access that says we are open. So when I am in need of something, I can buy it locally before I buy it from amazon.

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