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Horoscopes for September 3 – September 9, 2015

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Horoscopes for September 3 – September 9, 2015


March 21 – April 20

Eliminate everything but what is essential and keep your eye on maintaining yourself in a pristine state. The need to focus can’t be underscored strongly enough. At a time when the last thing you need is to have anything bring you down, it’s totally OK to say “No” to anyone whose issues aren’t in keeping with your best interests. Finding your way through the next few weeks will be easier for those of you who have grokked the fact that absolutely everything is on the line, and you’re ‘It’. It’s up to you to make this work. Trust me: if anyone can handle it, you can.


April 21 – May 20

You guys have a tough time figuring out what’s important. The practical piece usually has too much to say about your choices. You have a lot to consider and all the facts aren’t in yet. What would help is if other people would be straight with you. It looks to me like you’ve been strung along in a situation that isn’t going to change and you keep thinking that it will improve. Your rose colored glasses could easily interfere with a realistic assessment of your options. If you turn up your radar you will tune in to the fact that you have nothing to lose by moving on to greener pastures.


May 21 – June 20

The way you handle this will make all the difference in the world. Being stubborn about the wrong things will make it way more difficult to come out on top, at the end of the day. Those who have always held a pivotal role in your life have come to the end of the line. All the water under the bridge is gone forever. Your feelings about it have come between you and your future and between you and what matters most. Don’t let false pride keep you from being the person who needs to stand up and be big enough to let love and forgiveness triumph over fear and hate.


June 21 – July 20

If anyone knew that you, of all people, would wind up being the one to come through when it mattered most, they would be more than surprised at all of this. A lifetime of having to figure it all out on your own may have put you through the wringer, but the piece of you that’s left has come out in the wash and can handle pretty much anything these days. With your past and your future colliding in a set of circumstances that will bring many things to an end, let your heart be the centerpiece in all situations – and lay all of your memories down on the altar of forgiveness.


July 21 – August 20

The need to make your influence felt comes out in a million different ways. You are ultimately a channel for pure white light. When you lose touch with that fact, you fall prey to the belief that no matter what’s going on, you’re the King of the Jungle, and it’s all about you. Any difficulties you’re having now come from straight from the ego. Be careful about the ways in which you impose It, and your Will, upon others. Love and control do not share the same bed. Think about that and adjust your actions to reflect the idea that to love someone, you really have to let them Be.


August 21–September 20

You keep looking at the same old question as if there’s an answer to it. Trust me; fifty years from now you will be looking at the same question. At the moment the fact that you still have faith that the answer to it, is out there somewhere, is the only thing that matters. Sifting through the choices that are arrayed in front of you now, anyone would be confused. That’s OK. You need time to consider all of them. When, huge changes are afoot, there is always a moment of fear, not because those changes are out of the question, but because they might provide the answer to it.


September 21 – October 20

LIBRA: September 21 – October 20
You can’t expect people to change. When you really look at what’s going on you have to be able to see that whoever’s out there is an aspect of your own consciousness, someone who has agreed to teach you a very specific lesson. To attempt to rearrange anyone’s behavior, or think that their issues are the problem will keep you chasing your tail for the rest of your life. This is a huge moment of truth. The stuff that is bubbling up right now, goes back at least 3 years, maybe even 30. If you are confused about how to handle it, don’t make the same mistake you made last time.


October 21 – November 20

The chessboard has been totally rearranged and you are coming at your life from a much more creative place. As the Totems of the past give way to the sense that your power comes from within yourself, new characters have shown up to make magic with your Spirit. This is no joke. The rate of change will accelerate in direct proportion to the frustration that has bollixed up the last 3 or 4 years. As you emerge from the shadows of things that no longer apply, your next move is uncertain, but your heart is awake and ready to embrace a thousand and one possibilities.


November 21 – December 20

You keep thinking that the answers are outside of yourself. In your efforts to find them you go everywhere, searching for what’s missing. If it was ever there, whatever’s missing left a long time ago. When it went, it took the piece of you that knows what you a want to a place that made you beholden to what everyone else wanted, and needed from you. Now  that you’re all grown up, life has taken you too far from your own core for you to be clear about who you get to be. That has got to change. Start going within. There’s no better time than now to be who you are.


December 21 – January 20

You’ve wound up so far from where you started, this has been a big lesson in what happens to our best laid plans. As you come around the bend and do whatever it takes to restore harmony to your life, it becomes essential to drop the reins and let yourself be led to whatever’s next. It’s never easy for you to appear weak or unsettled. The need to be on top of things is huge with you guys. There will be a temporary reprieve from whatever has not lived up to your standards. Use this time to ground yourself and figure out how to simplify what has gotten way too complicated.


January 21 – February 20

You’ve spent the last few months wondering what you owe this situation. You get upset with people for not staying in touch when you’re about as detached as a person can get. Try reaching out and see how easy it is to get a response. This story goes back a thousand years. Who owes what to who is irrelevant at a time like this. Your point of view is justified, but trying too hard to be right in circumstances that are this extreme won’t make things easier. Be gentle with people. You know what to expect. Do your best to tolerate their issues and love them in spite of themselves.


February 21 – March 20

Take a deep breath and do your best to assimilate the enormity of what’s washing over you. One door has closed, the next one is about to open, and life is pregnant with potential. If you’re young and fertile, watch out. Those of you who are not in that category need to be ready to go to the next level, with people, places, and things. As life begs you to look at what that will take, there will be a need to expand your horizons spiritually and intellectually. The geographical cure could also be just the ticket for the breathing room that is so important to beam in on where you’re at right now.

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