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Hidden truths

By Cassandra Tyndall

Each month, when the Moon grows full, it illuminates something that may be hidden from view. The chance to spotlight something that is otherwise unseen isn’t always pleasant. Nonetheless, more often than not, you’re better off knowing the truth than being in denial. This week, the Full Moon in Capricorn falls very close to Pluto, the planet of the hidden. Topics of truth, trust and loyalty may be a theme, especially in relationships. As Venus and Saturn solidify their terms of engagement, there may be a detail unseen or overlooked. 

It may be trickier now to attempt to communicate or rectify an issue. When facts and feelings aren’t always in agreement, all you can do is trust. This week, you may be challenged to keep the big picture in mind. With so many moving parts, striking a balance between what keeps you sustained emotionally as well as materially may come into focus. By week’s end, Venus will move into Cancer. Making the extra effort towards TLC, comfort and care in all relationships,  including the one with yourself, will soothe the frayed ends of a fracturing cosmos for the next month. 

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