Mother's celestial inspirations

Foster a sense of purpose

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a late Libra Moon that has been Void-of-Course. Those of you who know about these things understand that an extended Void-of-Course Moon gives us one whole day to regroup, do what we please, and get in touch with the stuff that really makes us tick.

This doesn’t mean that our schedules will allow it — but by the time the day is over, you will most likely reflect back on your activities and see that the master plan wound up spinning its wheels, and you would have been better off at the beach, or at the casino, or baking a cake. If you have a chance to read this before you get too involved with your day, consider the virtues of playing hooky.

The bigger part of what’s going on in the sky has to do with a conjunction between Venus and Mars in the late degrees of Virgo. On top of all of that, the North Node of the Moon has just backed out of Libra — as it goes retrograde into the sign of the Virgin, it is becoming part of the Venus-Mars conjunction, as we speak. Piecing this planetary picture together will give all of us something to reflect upon, so let’s pick it apart.

To paint it with a broad brush, when the North Node is in Virgo the whole concept of what might constitute fulfillment, for any of us right now, would call us to put the focus on eliminating the parasitic forces that suck us dry and  distract us from getting real about our sacred work. ‘Our sacred work’ doesn’t necessarily need to involve anything out of the ordinary. It  is, whatever our purpose involves; it could be baking cookies, it could be digging ditches, it could be being a debutante, it could be reading charts and writing horoscope columns; it is the place where the soul finds a way to express itself fully and completely, here in the physical realm.

Translating this metaphor into something that applies to all of humanity, it reads as, “It’s time for all of us, individually and collectively, to stop wasting ourselves on people and things that do nothing to foster our sense of purpose.”

Discernment becomes important in situations like this because the people and things that prevent us from expressing our fullest potential are often deceitful. Prune off the dead wood. Get real about where your heart really lies and dedicate yourself to that. Avoid anything that takes you away from it, long enough to let your dedication grow into something precious.

When Venus and Mars are in conjunction, it means that the Male and the Female principle are vibrating on the same bandwidth — there is a unification of opposites that brings that which is polarized into Oneness. At the moment when the entire planet is ascending, the picture of Oneness, and of Wholeness, and Completeness requires a second glance. It might be good to look at what it will take to achieve that.

I don’t want to go on too long about this because it’s a total mind-blower on a zillion different levels — and maybe you just came to read your prediction and would just as soon get on with the show. In my own world, I can tell you that all of the above seems to be ringing totally true right now. Who knows? Maybe some of it rings true for you. Take what you can, leave the rest, and enjoy this week’s ‘scopes.

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