Mother's celestial inspirations

Fixed ideas rarely work well

By Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye
This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Capricorn Moon that will stay Void-of-Course until it enters Aquarius at about 5:28 p.m.
If it’s hard to get into the weekday grind on any other Monday, we can bet that the Void-of-Course energy that takes everything off the hook, will put us on a full-time coffee break for the greater part of the workday and perhaps week.
My best advice would be to relax. Take it slow waking up. We are entering the morning in the afterglow of Moon/Uranus-Moon/Pluto aspects that make the average human being highly susceptible to emotional triggers  and underlying or unspoken thoughts and feelings that get everything off on the wrong foot. Being as aware of other people’s BS as you are of your own will be an asset.
It may help you to know that Jupiter changed signs last Friday. Otherwise known as “The Greater Benefic,” Jupiter has a 12-year cycle; he takes about one year to move through each sign. Having just crossed the boundary into Libra, a sign that is commonly understood to accentuate the relationship component, Jupiter encourages us to go as far as we can into our relationships in order to learn as much as we can about ourselves when it passes through this stretch of the Zodiac.
While there is a certain amount of truth to this, it is easier said than done. Relationships happen to be an area of our lives that is filled with a tremendous amount of confusion, and a lot of fixed ideas that have never worked that well for any of us. As Jupiter makes its way through Libra our instructions might be to:
Focus on making everything conscious and equal
Keep in mind that everybody gets to be who they are
Know that we are in relationship with all that is, all the time, and that love is related to the extent to which we embody this truth in all of our relationships
Understand that Love and Truth are interdependent. Libra understands Love; Jupiter understands Truth. When Love and Truth come together in a whole and complete way, we create Beauty.
Love is the key to all of it.
Now that Jupiter has entered the equation, we’re about to find out if what we call Love has any Truth to it. This will show up everywhere. The whole matter of the connection between what’s in our hearts and how it stacks up in the face of our experience is on the line for all of us right now. Take that home, give it some thought, and enjoy this week’s ‘scopes.

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