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Ettori officially announces candidacy, platform for mayor

On Thursday, Jan. 7 in Center Street Marketplace in Downtown Rutland, Chris Ettori officially announced his campaign and platform for mayor.

Ettori is focusing his campaign on providing active and inclusive leadership, creating opportunities for economic development, and building community connections. As an active community member and current three-term alderman, Ettori acutely understands the current challenges and opportunities for the community.

“Covid-19 has certainly changed the economic and social landscape for all of us,” Ettori said. “We need to continue to work together to keep each other safe and healthy but we also need to be prepared to act as Covid subsides. Ensuring that we have projects and programs created from the needs and input of our local businesses will be crucial to ensuring a strong recovery. I will be a mayor who invites people in to help create the plans and then take action.”

Economic Development has been a focus for Ettori for over a decade. From co-chairing the Creative Economy group that started Wonderfeet Kids’ Museum in 2011 to serving on the board for the Downtown Rutland Partnership from 2012-2015 to attending or serving on the Rutland Redevelopment Authority Board since 2012, Ettori has seen the strategies that have worked and those that have not.

“As mayor, I will be an active leader in the collaborative approach that marks Rutland’s current regional economic development efforts. I will continue to engage with our partners like the new CEDRR and the Regional Planning Commission to help bring things to fruition for the city, and I will passionately attend to every step along the way to create a vibrant local and regional economy.”

After twelve years of administrative and operational management positions at CCV, Ettori is currently returning to his roots as a professional mediator. He has a Masters in Mediation and Applied Conflict Studies and has participated in, planned, or led hundreds of mediations and community conversations.

“Rutland is an amazing, welcoming place where people are willing to give of themselves to help their neighbors. We have seen it time and time again when we have been challenged by natural disasters or when we have come together to create projects like Wonderfeet. We are living in a time where controversial issues arise in every town in America. Rutland can be a leader of how we work through these issues because of our demonstrated commitment to each other. I will be a mayor with the experience to help our community tackle controversial issues directly and collaboratively as a way of strengthening our already existent bonds and bridging the divisiveness.”

Ettori has identified a number of specific initiatives he would like to bring forward in his role as mayor and he also understands that having community partners and a strong Board of Aldermen to review and provide input and guidance will be essential to creating great outcomes. Additionally, his demonstrated focus on maintaining a conservative approach to the city’s budget and financial picture will also ensure that the initiatives lead to a strong and vibrant economy.

“We have a lot we can do in our community because we have a great base of people and community pride to work from. Whether you want to help work on our housing challenges, invest in our youth and neighborhoods, or help revitalize downtown, my work as mayor will be to align our resources so we are all pulling in the same direction and we all can benefit. Now is the time to do more. Together.”

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