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Emotions run high 

By Cassandra Tyndall

Emotions may run high as the week begins, thanks to a Full Moon in the moodiest of the moon’s signs. Adding to the complexity of things, the Scorpio Moon is being influenced by Mars in Cancer. Combined, this could feel like a proverbial walking on eggshells moment when it comes to the emotional side of life. Still waters do run deep though, so patience and stillness will be in order to get to the bottom of what’s going on. Nothing will be as it seems, so giving the benefit of the doubt will help. 

With tenderness and care, heartfelt conversations are possible, even if you’re not certain of the right words to say. Sometimes, the ability to share space with someone in silence can speak a thousand words. 

If you feel all your feelings so deeply that you can’t make sense of them, journaling can really help you. If you can do this, it can help you own your feelings, rather than projecting them onto someone you really care about. It will be a tender start to the week, and things may not feel clear — but this too shall pass.

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