Mother's celestial inspirations

Emerging from a web of deception

By  Cal Garrison, a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Virgo Moon, with aspects that show me that all we have to do is pay attention to what’s in front of us, knowing that life’s astrological underpinnings form the backbone for every aspect of our experience.

At the moment a big conjunction between Hades and Kronos is opposing the asteroid Astraea. This aspect pattern is underscoring the plethora of secrets and lies that are beginning to crawl out from under the rock of concealment.

Other forces are at work. A square from Sisyphus to Arachne tells me the business of finding a path to renewal in the midst of this cesspool, or any thought of starting over, will be an extremely complicated affair. As we try to find our way out of the mire, webs of intrigue could trap us in a net and prevent what is real and true from coming to light.

Not to be Debbie Downer but it looks like the worst is yet to come, and we can no longer hide behind the illusions of peace and love that we spout so easily. I hope you can find something meaningful in whatever you take from this week’s ‘scopes.

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