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Embrace a fresh perspective

By Cassandra Tyndall

One of the most difficult alignments of 2020, the square between Mars and Saturn, happens again this week. A return of theme, particularly from late August, may be back on the agenda for you to deal with. While going over old territory can be frustrating, it does provide you the opportunity to do it better a second time around.

Under this exhausting astro-weather, you might feel like stopping short of a goal or outcome that really matters to you. Where possible, take a break rather than simply giving up. Moves made in haste now are likely to lead to regret or other less favorable consequences later. Your best bet is to adopt a strategic approach and come to terms that things are likely to take longer than you’d otherwise like.

A Full Moon will likely stoke the volatile energy of the week. The upside of this is that you’ll be able to see a situation from a new angle. With a fresh perspective, you’ll be able to decide what action you need to take and rebalance the scales back in your favor.

Venus, the sky’s symbol of affection, love and support, undergoes her annual tour of Virgo. Until the end of the month, she further encourages restraint and doing more with less.

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