Elections have consequences 


Dear Editor,

The  Vermont legisl ative session for 2023 has come to an end. There is no good news for those few Vermonters that might expect their elected representatives to respect our hard earned tax dollars. The Democrat supermajority has passed an $8.5 billion dollar budget, the largest in the history of the state. Windsor County state senators, Alison Clarkson (D), Becca White (D) and Dick McCormack (D) have sponsored and helped pass Senate Bill 5 which will raise your price of propane and oil an additional minimum of 70 cents per gallon, up to $4 per gallon. The stated intention of this bill is to curb global climate change. The results of the implementation of this law will do no such thing. It will increase the size of our state government, potentially crash the electrical grid, freeze Vermonters out of their homes and fatten the wallets of the so-called “green” corporate lobbyists who now run things in Montpelier. In this same session these three Windsor County state senators, along with the majority of members in their party, have voted to give themselves generous pay and benefit increases. The benefit compensation is far beyond what most Vermonters can ever hope to afford.They voted themselves an estimated 50,000 increase each in benefits alone.

If the 2023 session is any indication the supermajority will do even more damage to those of us struggling to stay in our homes and take care of our families. Elections have consequences.

Stu Lindberg,


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