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Declutter, detox

By Cassandra Tyndall

A new week aligns with the changing of astrological seasons. With the Sun embarking upon its annual tour of Virgo, this is an ideal four-week period to declutter, detox or get organized.

As the heat and tension of last weekend’s second Full Moon in Aquarius simmers down, the energy drops somewhat now with a Virgoan influence. New and inspired ideas now can take shape and form under the earthy influence of Virgo. Practical and strategic planning is possible. Finding modalities that calm the mind and nourish the body can help you regulate disruption of your nervous system, anxiety and worry. 

Small tweaks or adjustments can lead to large scale improvements over time. Trade a sugary snack for some fruit. Swap constant scrolling on your phone for a book. Call a loved one instead of messaging them. Before you know it, you’ll notice your body feeling better and your mind becoming calmer and clearer.

Promises or agreements made this week also show signs of being long-lasting. If you’ve fallen short of making meaningful progress on self-improvement in the past, the Cosmos invites you to make a commitment to yourself or even within a special relationship now.

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