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Darkest before dawn

By Cassandra Tyndall

You know the saying, “it’s always darkest before dawn?” Well, it’s dawn now and there is a light and her name is Venus. If you’re one to get up with the roosters, you’ll see her rise before the Sun. For thousands of years, a star reappearing in the East after a period of being invisible was a remarkable omen.
Though still retrograde, Venus now has enough distance from the Sun to saturate her light in the predawn sky. Thus, heralding a return to Venusian things – sweetness, joy and pleasure. At the minimum, it’s a feeling there is light at the end of the tunnel. No, you’re not bathed in a spotlight. This is more like a salt lamp that gives you enough light to find your way through the dark. So while you may not have all the answers just yet, it’s hard to ignore the feeling that you’re closer to them than you were before.
Not only do we get to witness her jubilant return, she also gets the nod from Jupiter. Two benefits working together to find a solution, an outcome, no matter the circumstances. No, not everything is perfect, that we know for sure. But has there really been a time it ever was?

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