Dance with the Devil

By Cassandra Tyndall

A total Solar Eclipse occurring this week may help you re-arrange old ideas, perspectives and beliefs of what you once held dear. From the remains of what’s left, innovative new structures, ideas, beliefs and possibilities can be created.

This eclipse is heavily influenced by the flurry of planetary changes that surround it. Themes from around Aug. 13 and Oct. 9 may come up as old problems rear their ugly head again. This time though, you may be better equipped to dance with the devil, overcoming your fear of a problem that seemed impossible overcome before.

As we all lean into technology even more that we did just 12 months ago, there is an avalanche of information to take in, process and assimilate. What is truth? What are the facts? Where are the ethics and integrity behind the information that is published and shared? How does this information inform the beliefs you have about yourself, about others, about life?

As the Eclipse permeates this week, reflect on the information you receive and the ideas and opinions you hold. Analyse any resistance that comes up to a new idea, insight or opinion – that may reveal the cosmic gold for you to take into 2021 and beyond.

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