Cost of solar outweighs benefits, picturesque landscape in jeopardy

Dear Editor,

Everyone has an opinion, everyone has a right to differ. We all have a say!

There is currently  a  controversy in Taftsville regarding the installation of a commercial solar farm by an out of state developer on the scenic Route 4 Byway and Historic District. It is a village historic neighborhood.

This will be happening in all of our towns across the state.

I moved to Vermont 20 years ago and love the beauty of this State. I believe in solar, I believe in growth, however I do not support the signing of laws (recently H.40) which gives “out of state” commercial developers an easy way into our state. This is what is happening! Solar is a huge issue as it is bringing about a complete change of our beautiful landscape. Is this what we want?! I am greatly saddened every time I drive down I-91 and see huge black panels popping up instead of lush green pastures and hills.

Just picture our landscape in another 15 to 20 years if we keep letting this happen here in Vermont!

What is the answer? What do we do? Everyone loves being green but the price to pay for it is losing our beautiful landscape. Think about it.

Commercial solar development makes money for the developers, not for us. The benefit is very minimal and not worth the price of loosing our landscape. This message needs to get out to all Vermonters. Solar arrays may save the planet but it’s destroying landscapes. What a shame!

Gail Childs, Woodstock

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