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Cosmic greenlight

By Cassandra Tyndall

As January morphs into February this week, you’ll capture more vivid glimpses of a new astrological chapter that closes 2022 and opens 2023.

Since December, you may have been toying with new ideas, concepts or innovations around a particular area of your life. Some may have been tabled, while others scrapped. This week brings another proverbial “fire from the Gods” opportunity that could radically reshape, inform or inspire your direction. Old ideas may resurface or a piece of insight or wisdom from the past —either your own past or lost ancient wisdom  — may ignite a new philosophy, a way of being or thinking. This week may also signify anything that has been slow and stuck since December gets a cosmic green light.

A Leo Full Moon puts confidence, authenticity and individuality under the spotlight. If you’ve been restless for something more out of life, the cosmos invites you to walk the road less traveled. In order to find the satisfaction you desire, you may have to look beyond your current circumstances and recognize that old roads won’t take you to new destinations. If you feel shackled by responsibility or obligation, this Full Moon will remind you only you can break free from your chains  —  no one is coming to save you.

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