Climate fraud

Dear Editor,

One of the biggest frauds being perpetrated on this country is the attempt by our national leaders and some misguided individuals right here in our own state of “what’s yours is mine” Vermont, is none other than climate change.

The climate has changed continually since God rested on the seventh day, after the formation of heaven and earth and all other creation of His doing.

In recent history, Vermont was home to a massive flood in 1927 which hit all of the state, a hurricane in 1938 that made its way to the Canadian border, another hurricane in the 50s that rode through Vermont to the border, a drought in the late 40s in northern Vermont, a drought in the mid 60s in southern Vermont, a severe flood in 1973 that hit central and southern Vermont very hard, (particularly Windsor County), massive back-to-back snow storms and blizzard conditions in 1978, a winter with no snow in 1979-80, and on and on to the present day.

The carbon tax proposal in this state is another fraud. The do-gooders want more of our money to do whatever with. Enough already! The state of Vermont is taking enough of our money; a reallocation of resources in the puzzle palace (Montpelier) and getting government to an affordable level, so we attract business, industry, and taxpayers, should be taking a priority position in planning. To add a additional tax burden is utter insanity of the first order.

James B. Hall, Rutland

One comment on “Climate fraud

  1. My generation has committed our lives to solving the problem of climate change. It is very concerning and frightening that there are still individuals who deny this concept. I don’t need science, academics, or politicians to know that climate change is happening and that humans are contributing to it. It is basic thermodynamics.

    The reason this is affordable is because our current dependence on fossil fuels is draining our economy. In Vermont we spent over 2 billion dollars on fossil fuels in 2013, 80% of that money left the state to line the pockets of fossil fuel executives. That’s a lot of money going to people who live, work and spend money outside of our local economy.

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