Chittenden Softball League comes to an end

By Dave Hoffenberg, Chittenden Softball League commissioner

The 2021 season has come to an end and what a great season it was. Congratulations to Rock Warriors for capturing their second straight league championship. The season officially ended with the All-Star Game and this year’s format was three or four vs the league. It’s a fun game because players get to play with players from opposing teams.

It was a close battle that was won by the team of DJ Dave Hoffenberg and Ronnie Crosby (Flannels Fanatics), Josh Stevens (Rock Warriors) and Chris Major (First Stop Board Barn). They scored five runs. The second place team, which were all players from Flannels Fanatics, consisted of Brett Regimbald, Ira Zane and Larry Napolitano. They scored three runs. The third place team was Warren Bombardier (Rock Warriors), Matt Littler (Dirty Mike & The Boys) and Max Elles (First Stop Board Barn). They scored one run. The last place team was held scoreless and it was also a full Flannels Fanatics team of Ronzoni “Dad” Hacker, Troy “Son” Gilbertson and Brando Remick. For the first time in All-Star Game history, there were no “Cold Beer K’s.”

This season we only had four teams but they were four great teams: Rock Warriors, Flannels Fanatics, Dirty Mike & The Boys and First Stop Base Camp. This season would not have been possible without the help from these great folks: Barstow Memorial School for hosting us this season, Bud Light for sponsoring us, Rock Landscaping for helping with the field, everyone who volunteered to ump for us this season, especially Matt Littler, the fans and all the great players that make up this league. Thanks to all for a great season.

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