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For better or worse, change is good

This week’s horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Capricorn Moon with aspects that make me wonder if I have any business analyzing the situation. I say this because there is so much going on, it could be affecting any one of us in a thousand different ways. It isn’t just the lunar aspects, and the planetary aspects; it’s the asteroids, too. Everything seems to be stirring us up in ways that are bound to be bringing the house down.

After checking things out, I have decided to zero in on Chiron, who happens to be engaged in a Grand Trine with Mars and the Sun, and who, out of everything else that I see, could be the one to break us out of some of these tougher connections.

Chiron inserts loopholes into situations that alter what is expected, for better or worse. At the moment it is stationed at the 25th degree of Pisces, 120 degrees from both Mars and the Sun, in a harmonious configuration that looks like it is about to bestow us with the courage to innovate, and bring about changes that are infused with more light than we’ve seen in a long time.

When Chiron and Mars trine each other it pays to be open to sudden turns of events and serendipitous changes that come out of the blue. Having enough chutzpah to move on a dime brings beneficial results.

When Chiron trines the Sun it is about going up against the system on a lot of different levels. Under this aspect, change is good. Any rebellion that takes place comes from a healthy desire to grow, at a time when it is possible to do so without upsetting the applecart. This means that it is both safe and appropriate to be raising our hands and speaking up about whatever it is that needs to change, and rearranging whatever needs to be rearranged, both in our personal and collective realities.

In a week’s time the floodwaters of the Nile will rise and the Heliacal Rising of Sirius will usher in the Egyptian New Year. For many reasons, this is an auspicious time. Stay tuned to the piece that knows it came here to give and receive love, and everything should go just fine. If I have no concrete advice to offer up this week, it’s because I myself am going through too much change to own the right to be the “Answer Woman.” Let me leave you with that, and invite you to enjoy this weeks’ ‘scopes.

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