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Barstow Third Grade students shatter Socktober goal

Barstow Memorial School’s Grade 3 class exceeded its goal of collecting socks for those in need. Students had set a goal of collecting 450 pairs of socks to be distributed to homeless shelters, children in foster care and families in need.

In the end, they not only exceeded but shattered that goal. When all of their donation boxes were gathered and the socks counted, they had collected 1,840 pairs of socks.

Third graders in Ms. Ladabouche’s class at Barstow Memorial School distributed uniquely decorated sock donation boxes at area businesses and collected 1,840 pairs of socks for donation.

Students shared their feelings following the news that so many socks had been collected in their inaugural sock drive.

Aidan Bates said, “It makes me feel proud that we got to help a bunch of people in our community.”

Oscar Hyams said, “I feel sad and happy. I was sad to learn that people didn’t have socks and happy that we could help them.”

Hank Loffredo added, “It made me feel great that we were helping kids in foster care.”

Ms. Ladabouche’s students wrote letters, collected and interpreted data, and sorted hundreds of pairs of socks. Students learned not only academic lessons but also some important life lessons about compassion for those less fortunate, charity and generosity.

“It was nice for my students to see the impact that small acts of caring can make in the lives of others,” said Ladabouche.

The students themselves internalized the impact of their action. “I learned how much people need our help,” third grader Eli Frei said.

Classmate Teddy Copans added, “I feel thankful to all of the people that helped us by donating socks. I want everyone to know that we couldn’t have done this alone.”

And Grayson Cupoli commented, “I hope that when people get our socks, they will know they are cared about.”

The students partnered with seven local organizations to help them distribute the socks:

  1. NewStory
  2. The Dodge House
  3. Troll House
  4. Open Door Mission
  5. BROC Community Action
  6. Rutland’s Promise
  7. Local Foster Children

The class would like to thank the community and local businesses for embracing their cause and helping them to make Socktober a huge success.

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