Mother's celestial inspirations

On not giving in to authority

By Cal Garrison a.k.a. Mother of the Skye

This week’s Horoscopes are coming out under the light of a Virgo Moon, with an array of aspects that boggle my mind. Since it is impossible to tie things up in a neat little bow, instead of trying to synthesize it into a cohesive little nutshell, I have decided to break a few of the key aspects, and mid-point pictures, down into separate compartments, and let you zero in on the stories that might apply to you, or to any of the scenarios that you see going on in the world around you.

Astraea at the Midheaven: This reads as “Eye witness to disaster.” It also relates to situations in which we are involved with others in endings/beginnings. One door closes and another one opens in the aftermath of disastrous situations and events. The aspect also includes films and photographs of public demonstrations and disasters.
Saturn square Astraea: Watching something come to an end, wondering “When will it be over?” How long will it take for things to come to closure? Where is the deadline? When will the time be right to end or quit a situation? How much time are we going to give this person? Thinking about when to quit. Putting the relationship with the Father to rest. Not knowing when to quit because we don’t have the capacity to grok the fact that a situation needs to end, or is in the process of coming to an end.

Saturn square Chiron with Mercury at the opposing midpoint: The mind is torn between changing its tune and remaining beholden to whatever it is stuck on. The tendency with this is to hold fast to old thought forms and core beliefs instead of breaking away from the herd, or the past. Is it possible for us to adopt a whole new perspective?

Siwa opposite Pallas: Redemption and renewal require the eradication of behaviors that require us to “Please Daddy.” “Daddy” can be literal, or he can be any authority figure who is relating to us in a domineering way. This aspect suggests that to continue to bow to the demands and expectations of others is destructive. It inspires us to look at the ways in which we sacrifice ourselves on the altar of conformance, convention, and codependence. It raises questions that force us to ask; “Who are we? Who would we be if we didn’t spend 90 percent of our energy being whatever others expect us to be?”

Vesta conjunct Pallas: People have agendas that do not include our needs and interests. They impose these agendas with no thought to what their plans might mean for us. We wind up getting swept up in, or wiped out by, their manipulations in a totally impersonal way. Others walk all over us. To have to be one step ahead of them, or psychologically shrewd enough, to see through their behaviors and manage situations in which we are being manipulated.

Pandora conjunct Mars: To use anger, aggression, and conflict to keep the pot stirred. To incite violence as a means to control things. This combination shows up on the mundane level as, “Let me turn this into an argument so I won’t have to look at what’s really going on” – or – “If I piss him/her/them off, I will be able to get out of having to be involved, take the trip, go to the reunion, visit my in-iaws, keep an eye on the kids, etc, etc. It also shows up as, “Let me pick a fight with you so you will leave me alone, or so I can use it as an excuse to go AWOL for a few days.”On a larger scale, Pandora and Mars inspire public marches, and demonstrations, and things of that nature.

Aesclepius opposition Juno: Aesclepius relates to healing and health. Juno has to do with partnerships and committed relationships. On a basic level, this can mean that our partner is sick. It can also mean that our relationship is making us sick. (The expression “You make me sick” is a very real thing) On a deeper level, if we understand the mythology behind this, Aesclepius was a gifted healer whose specialty was his capacity to raise the dead. In aspect to Juno this opposition indicates that if we take hold of our primary issues, and wake up to the idea that conscious equal partnership means, “I want for you what you want for yourself” and “You want for me what I want for myself” we can resurrect this connection, learn more about love, and continue as a couple in a more conscious way.

There are many other aspects in play right now. We are also at the half-way point between two eclipses. I am a good astrologer, but I am not enlightened enough to see what the bigger picture is all about right now. As much as I study and try to make sense of things, what I have yet to see about myself limits my understanding. Watching and waiting, I keep working on myself, with the hope that it will bring me closer to the source and open the space for me to use what I know to help others. Let me leave you with that, and invite you to take what you can from this week’s ‘scopes.

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