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4-year-old snowboard star makes Killington’s 100-Day Club

By Victoria Gaither

Harley Ruffle has done it again. The Killington snowboarding star, known locally as “Li’l Homie,” made the 100-Day Club at Killington Ski Resort.

“He scanned his card, and he has over 100 days of snowboarding,” said his mother, Jill Ruffle.

By Victoria Gaither
Harley Ruffle

It wouldn’t be a big deal to some, but at 4 years old, it’s an accomplishment. This is Harley’s third year being part of the club.

The 100-Day Club wasn’t his only accomplishment this season. Harley participated in a rail jam competition at Bolton Valley Resort in Richmond—his first time away from Killington mountain.

“It was an interesting dynamic to see him and how he was going to react because he is used to Killington mountain,” said his mother.

Harley took home a trophy for best trick for a snowboarder under 10 years old. The rail jam was at night, when Harley usually is winding down or close to bedtime, so his mom wasn’t sure how that would play into his performance.

“Taking him out at night was a whole different dynamic for him, “so it was different,” she said.

He is getting more air on his jumps.But more jumps and snowboarding with adults on the mountain come with added risk for Harley.

A skier hit him, and on the tube at the Peace Park, distracted by a snowboarder on his side, Harley crashed, having to take a trip to the medial center.

“My helmet broke, it cracked, and I was crying,” said Harley during the interview.

But, Harley is aware of the dangers on the mountain. His mother tries to navigate the best she can but says this smash was terrible, “It was horrifying. All you heard was the smash of his helmet, silent and then him crying.”

With his popularity growing, Harley has more followers on Instagram, and he was written about in a national ski magazine.

Harley’s father, Gary Ruffle, said at the end of the day his son is a 4-year-old kid, and if the day ever comes when he says no to snowboarding, then it’s over, but that doesn’t seem likely.

“That’s all he talks about so I don’t see that happening,” Ruffle said. While snowboarding is his passion, Harley also likes coloring at the kitchen table and hanging out with his family.

As for school, Jill and Gary still have time to decide if traditional or home school will fit him. Until then, the mountain calls.

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