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365 seasons: each day is a new adventure 

By Sandra Dee Owens

I made a “Funology” calendar. This calendar has no days or months in it.

It has 365 seasons.

Living by this calendar, I wake up each morning with anticipation, and think, ‘What season is it today?” then grab the appropriate clothing, tools, and toys for that season—and go outside to work and play.

And I find magic out there.

Every single day.

Why did I make the Funology calendar?

As a younger woman with significant health issues, I began to suspect that my “gripe and grumble” attitude about the weather was standing in the way of better health, so I set about changing the only thing I could—my attitude.

It’s all about the thinking.

First, I took some time to think about where my weather-negative attitude had come from since the mind is where all attitudes reside.

The question I asked myself was: “When did the gripe and grumble attitude start?”

I answered: “When ‘play’ fell under the spell of work, worry, and stress.”


I noted how picky I had become about the weather, favoring certain seasons, temperatures, and conditions while dismissing the rest—as less than. Spreading this attitude over a lifetime, I could spend half my life, staring out the window, waiting for the other half. I thought about childhood when the weather was always fun and magical and I played in it . . . no matter what it was doing.

I wanted that again. A lot.

So I took stock of my assets. What did I already possess that would help me regain, and sustain, wellness outdoors—in my backyard?

  • Sneakers
  • Bicycle
  • Hat, mittens, coat
  • Ice skates
  • Nordic skis and skins
  • Snowshoes
  • Icebugs (spiked running shoes)
  • Weather
  • Nature
  • Wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
  • Iron rake

Year-round, I have all this.

I contemplated the outdoor activities I had replaced with “I can’ts.” With the loss of each activity, I became less friendly toward its season.

Enter gripe and grumble.

So I assessed the list of “I can’t” and found to my amazement that I could. And one by one, I began adding outdoor activities (both work and play) back into my life.

My attitude began to shift from taking things out to adding things in.

Some activities I had enjoyed as a child while others were new and exciting.

I began to realize how motivating adventure was for me, so I made it the driver —365 seasons a year.

Not once have I regretted grabbing Mother Nature’s tail and riding the adventure she is dishing out that day.

What Funology season is waiting for you today?

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