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Weekly Horoscopes for Sept. 1-7, 2021


March 21 – April 20

How much are you giving and how much are you getting? If you can’t define the boundary between what’s in it for you in a certain situation, then you may need to reassess. As they say, you can’t unplug from the matrix if you don’t know you’re in it. But one thing is for certain, if you’re feeling tired and uninspired, chances are you need to switch off for a little while in order to regain your sense of perspective.


July 21 – August 20

At varying levels and degrees, each one of us has had to redefine ourselves in some fashion over these past several months. Right now, you might be planning for a new path, but first, you need to figure out how to finance it. Your stars indicate focusing on what you can do to generate more income, self-confidence and personal power. No matter the external circumstances, the more wealth — in all its forms — you can create, the less you will need to cut back on other things.


November 21 – December 20

The extra effort and attention you’ve been injecting into your professional path or regarding your major life plans may feel frivolous this week. Motivation, like the Moon, waxes and wanes. Discipline, however, is a choice to decide and do, regardless of the circumstances. You need to decide whether the effort you invest is worthwhile or not. Your powers of manifestation are strong, though it may be a little harder for you to keep the faith right now.


April 21 – May 20

It’s crazy to imagine just how definitive things have become in our world right now. Somewhere, somehow, imaginary lines have been drawn, which have created far more division than togetherness. Being ruled by Venus, you generally don’t like confrontation and discontent. That said, chances are that you’re being asked to make choices regarding a friendship, group or community. This week, let the cookies crumble how they may, as this too shall pass — and sooner than you think.


August 21 – September 20

Carving out a sense of identity and purpose is a part of what makes us human. The things you wanted two years ago may look quite a lot different than they do right now. This may be due to your own choice, or circumstances may have forced your hand. Now, your ruling planet will be in your money zone until early November. You have plenty of time to figure out how to profit from recent events.


December 21 – January 21

One thing that should be obvious to you is that there is more to life than working, paying bills and climbing proverbial mountains. Working 9-to-5 may feel like something from a former life. Right now, you’re hungry for a sense of meaning and purpose beyond the mundane. If you feel a lack of direction this week, remember that “not all who wander are lost.” In fact, you may find yourself washed up somewhere you would have never chosen, but somehow feels perfect.


May 21 – June 20

The world is full of new limits, restrictions and boundaries that just a short time ago, we wouldn’t have believed were possible. In contradiction to your penchant for fluidity and flexibility, your ability to keep your options open is a lot harder than it once was. This challenge is in fact an invitation in disguise. Your mission now, if you choose to accept it, is to completely re-imagine your career, life path and overall life direction — and commit to it!


September 21 – October 20

Thinking-planet Mercury has arrived in your sign and will remain there until early November. Thus, this gives you plenty of time to learn more about yourself and consider new ideas, information and insight. If you’ve been feeling less than yourself in recent months, you’ve got the chance to re-commit to something worthwhile. This might entail a sense of joy, fun, love, or it could involve children. It may sound like an oxymoron to commit to joy, but it’s a concept well-worth exploring.


January 21 – February 20

Generally, Aquarians are said to be future-focused but at the same time can get stuck in rigid ways of thinking. For you, does that mean you have a sense of how things could be, or should be? Right now, you’re being asked to focus on your financial future. If you’re leaking money with small expenses here and there, it might be wise to seal up those cracks. If you’re not where you could be when it comes to money now, start focusing on how things could be and then act accordingly.


June 21 – July 20

The Moon, your guiding light, gradually decreases in light and turns dark. This week is ideal for you to run all those errands you’ve been putting off, tying loose ends and generally finishing things off. For you right now, the gist is to not put off until tomorrow what you can do today. The more you can do today, the more you can do tomorrow, and right now, your soul is hungry for a sense of meaning and purpose. Be sure to carve out the time you need to make it happen.


October 21 – November 20

There may be confusion as to where best to put your energy, effort and intention this week. Your social life may be absorbing more energy than you have to give, or perhaps you feel unsure of the current company you’re keeping. Your best bet is to take notice of how you feel while in the company of certain people. Observe, but don’t absorb. The areas of your life that pose a problem now will get a reboot and restart next week.


February 21 – March 20

Relationships, when healthy, have the perfect level of give and take. They can refill our cups with joy and happiness. When they are not, they tend to leave us feeling drained and depleted. That being said, relationships do have their ups and downs and it doesn’t rain all the time. The question for you is how much more do you need to give versus how much more do you need to get? Only you can answer this question. The difficult conversations may not be quite as hard as you think.


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