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2021’s mid-term

By Cassandra Tyndall

The term “solstice” is Latin for “sun standing still.” These two major points of the sun’s annual journey are our invitation to pause and reflect on the last six months while casting our gaze on the next.

Regardless of whether you’re celebrating winter or summer, you’ll notice that over the next few days and weeks, the sun will seemingly stand still, especially once the sun reaches 15 degrees of Leo around Aug. 8. Starting now and for the next few months, enjoy the experience of long hot nights, like Neil Diamond once sang about.

As the sun pauses and changes direction, you too may like to take time to pause and reflect on the past six months since the December Solstice or around the time Jupiter and Saturn moved into Aquarius and formed their Great Conjunction.

To personalize this, think about the house of your birth chart governed by Aquarius. As the Solstice occurs, Jupiter hits the brakes in Pisces and prepares to re-enter Aquarius by July 28, where it will remain until just after the December Solstice. The next six months may be about expanding and amplifying what Aquarius means in your chart.

Summer’s long days provide ample time for reflection, rejuvenation and for setting intentions leading into the next six months.

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