Bumps, jumps, speed and style on display at Killington’s Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge

KILLINGTON – Last weekend, April 5-6, more than 125 bump skiing fanatics converged on Killington’s Outer Limits, one of the steepest ski trails in the East, to race through moguls and throw their best tricks for a chance to win the legendary Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge.

“The Killington Bear Mountain Mogul Challenge is definitely back and here to stay,” says Jeff Alexander, events and sponsorships manager at Killington Resort. “The community coming together to support this event makes the atmosphere electric, while the athleticism and skill showcased on the course brings everyone out for a full weekend of spring fun.”

Racers competed in male, female and kids’ divisions designed to recognize technical superiority and athletic ability. Competitors were awarded a maximum of five points in the following categories: Turns and Line, comprised of quality and variety of well-executed turns while staying as close as possible to the fall line; Air, judged as the quality of upright aerial maneuvers executed spontaneously in the fall line; and Speed, the total time elapsed during a full run of the course.


  1. Paddy Dayton
  2. Matthew Darsney
  3. PJ Ricci
  4. Jason Beaudet


  1. Sharon Maloney
  2. Jennifer Held
  3. Sammie Sofer
  4. Katie Mercier

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