November 7, 2018

Woodstock Farmers’ Market named ‘most beautiful’

Woodstock Farmers’ Market named ‘most beautiful’

Architectural Digest, the publication considered an international design authority, named Woodstock Farmers’ Market as one of America’s most beautiful independent stores in an online article published in October.

The article, “The Most Beautiful Independent Store In Every State in America” which selected one “Most Beautiful Store” from each of the 50 states, noted the Woodstock Farmers Market’s “Classic barn-inspired building” in choosing it as the Vermont selection.

“Small businesses are the cornerstone of America, each sharing new knowledge and creativity with locals,” the article stated. “Deviating from the monotony of big-box stores, independently owned shops provide a sense of community, bringing togetherness in the care taken to serve their customers with a friendly smile and, oftentimes, a personalized greeting upon arrival.”

It continued, “Homegrown character oozes through each storefront, inviting new visitors to explore the world through new eyes. These little shops embody the heart and soul of their locations. To build something special takes time, a keen eye, and, sometimes, a major restoration to make what was old new again. Not only are these shops beautiful inside and out, but they also realize the American dream. In a nation with hundreds, if not thousands, of worthy contenders, the task of choosing just one from each state was by no means easy.”

“There are a ton of small independent retailers in gorgeous structures all over Vermont so we’re kinda blown away by this,” said Patrick Crowl, Woodstock Farmers’ Market’s founder and co-owner.  “It’s funny, from a retailing perspective, we complain about our post and beam structure every day. Managers comment that the posts are in the way of making a great display or that we can’t fit a large display around a post.   But in the end, we wouldn’t want it any other way.  Staff loves it, and customers feel good visiting every day,“ he added.

The Farmers’ Market, celebrating 26 years in business, evolved from a simple seasonal roadside farm stand to its current handsome, year-round operation.

Crowl and members of his team designed the current structure to replace the original farm stand 20 years ago. They hired Woodstock area builder Hank Savelberg, who used wood harvested and milled locally. Outside, natural weathered siding covers a simple, voluminous, barn-like structure; inside exposed square timbers and unfinished wood walls continue the building’s theme of Vermont’s iconic barns.

Over the years, Woodstock Farmers’ Market has suffered its share of setbacks, including a fire in 1992, the year Crowl purchased the market, and a devastating flood caused by Tropical Storm Irene in August 2011. The Woodstock Farmers’ Market made a complete recovery after each occasion. Crowl and his team were deeply touched by the level of support they received from their community, which helped the market resume operation as quickly as possible.

The Architectural Digest article states, “The Woodstock Farmers Market is famous among locals for its fresh regional produce and delicious ready-made foods. Housed in a classic barn-inspired building, the interior is crisp with light wood paneling the ceiling for a homespun feel.”

The market is often heralded as a must-visit, foodies’ destination by such notable publications as Boston Globe, Martha Stewart, Food & Wine and Yankee magazines and many more highly respected publications and media venues.

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The Woodstock Farmers’ Market’s architecture was recently named “most beautiful.”

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