August 14, 2014

White’s Pool hosts pool party as send-off for Rutland swimmer Bethany Bosch

RUTLAND—The time is finally here and one Rutland-area resident is about to become an international star. With less than a month left before Bethany Bosch “crosses the pond” to cross the Channel, Intrepid Athletics will be hosting a pool party at White’s Pool in Rutland on Saturday, Aug. 16, from 1-6 p.m. as a community send-off for Bethany.

All proceeds raised for and during the pool party will benefit the Rutland Recreation and Parks Department, to be used towards renovations to White’s Pool.

Bethany Bosch and Intrepid Athletics are currently involved in fundraising efforts for the event, including soliciting donations from local and national businesses and raffling off amazing prizes that have already been donated by some very generous businesses. Raising money for White’s Pool is the first step in fulfilling Bosch’s vision to build an indoor aquatic and athletic center here in Rutland.

For more information contact, Robert Maguire (802) 342-8611 or

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